How to wash your Pregiò Couture down jacket at home

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Down jackets are a must of the Winter season, but they are also delicate garments to be washed with care. If you decided to wash your Pregiò Couture down jacket at home, here are some suggestions to keep it in perfect condition by respecting the quality of materials and come back to cover yourself up with it in all your femininity.

Use liquid detergent in small doses to avoid stains, halos and lack of insulating capability of the down. Select the programme for machine gentle washing, low temperature or cold water if your washing machine has got it. Avoid softener.

Down jacket washing Pregiò Couture

After the washing and rinsing cycle, centrifuge to the maximum power. Take it out without squeezing it but strongly beating it as a carpet, to uniform the down, then put it on a hanger to dry, ensuring to turn it and settle the down with your hands every hour.
Avoid to expose the jacket to direct sun and prefer windy days to help the drying.

If you have a tumble dryer, put 4 new tennis balls with it and select low temperature for one hour, after that check the jacket every 15 minutes until it is completely dry.
Be assured that the jacket is well dried before storing it, to avoid that wet down causes a bad smell.

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